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Comments on: Is President Trump a Friend of Labor http://roanrickard.com/president-trump-friend-labor/ Wed, 09 Aug 2017 00:17:51 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.13 By: Roan Rickard http://roanrickard.com/president-trump-friend-labor/#comment-577 Sun, 12 Mar 2017 02:16:42 +0000 http://roanrickard.com/?p=196#comment-577 Indeed, it is in fact disingenuous for Trump to contend he is a friend of labor. Yet, there may be a realization on the right, broadly and generally that if labor is reasonably compensated and enfranchised, if labor is paid the whole economy works far better. I believe there is a realization like this on the right but who goes first, who pays labor more than they have to by convention? There is the example of Henry Ford increasing wages to $5 a day when prevailing rates were more like $2 a day so his employees could buy his products. That is a rare exception. Collective bargaining has produced the best outcomes for labor in 20th century American history but that too is a small blip in the great history of labor. Globalization is the strategy of the right, to find hell holes of mass populations in desperate poverty to exploit. That is the dark side of the American right and to deny this dark side through any and all sorts of propagandistic rhetoric is deplorable. TEA Party people say that is reality. Get over it. Brutal, unfortunate and perhaps unnecessary reality. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

By: Tony Rickard http://roanrickard.com/president-trump-friend-labor/#comment-576 Sun, 12 Mar 2017 00:39:20 +0000 http://roanrickard.com/?p=196#comment-576 I would like to begin by saying that I resent the slogan, “Make America Great Again”. I deny the underlying assumption that we are somehow less than we were in the 1980s,, or when ever the assumption is that we were great. Our standard of living is still one of the highest, if not the highest, in the world. Our military is still the best in the world. Others out number us but no one out guns us. We are as great as we ever have been relative to the rest of the world. To compare us in the situation of one decade to that of another is meaningless because the situations are different. To say that because other countries have improved their situation that somehow lessens our situation by comparison is to deny the basic fact that relative power in in continual flux. We are and have been since 1920, perhaps 1910, the most powerful single country in the world. If China, some time this century, surpasses us in power, they out number us three to one. We would need some extraordinary technological advantage to over come their numerical advantage indefinitely. I contend that the United States is as great now it has ever been.

Our economy is a victim of globalization and the entrepreneurial search for cheep labor. I do not question anyone’s right to benefit from their labor. Whether you are an inventor of new things or an organizer/manager of the means of production you deserve JUST compensation for your labor. So do those with the hands that do the actual work. The problem is the people who make their money from other peoples labor. Moses and Jesus both said that we should loan money to those who need it without expecting to profit from our kindness. My problem is with those who make money from money. We should not tax businesses. They should not have to pay for their employees to received health care. Individuals should be taxed according to their ability to pay. Justly for the money they are paid for their labor and heavily on any money made off money. Let companies derive their working capital from the profits they earn not from loans from those who do nothing toward producing the goods and services themselves.

On the question of whether or not Donald Trump is a friend of labor. He was indited for hiring contractors to build one of his properties who hired illegal aliens and paid them less than minimum wages!