Dad Models God for his Children

Fathers, not mothers model God for their children. What then, becomes of children raised by single mothers? Their God model is absent. What then, becomes of children raised by wicked sinister or socially, emotionally and spiritually incompetent men? Their God concept develops and distorts from the wicked aberrant model. Prisons are filled with people spiritually and emotionally malformed from childhood because their fathers were absent or were not caring men of good character. How great is the advantage to the nurture of a child who enjoys the blessing of a dad who himself strives to walk with God. This is beyond mere morality, this issue of the need for good fathers in the homes of their children. This reaches to the substance of life and love, to the reasons for living, for living on. Dads model God for their children. So to the extent that a man becomes a man of God and strives to attain to godliness in his own life, to that extent he blesses his children. He provides his children a better representation of the divine nature. In this way he nurtures development of spiritual faith and the capacity to pray to God Almighty in his children’s private inner life. Yet we are all imperfect sinful men. How shall we meet this responsibility? It is not that we do this thing perfectly. It is that we do this thing, being dad as well as we can. In time the mantel of perfection which small children place upon their parents will be replaced in the child’s heart with the realization that parents are not perfect. Then grace, mercy and forgiveness will be in order but the child will realize that their dad tried to walk with God and be a better man. In this way the parent hopes that their children, as they come of age will take up their own cross and move forward toward development of their own godliness. Just as John the Baptist transferred his disciples to Christ with the words, “He must increase and I must decrease”, the influence of the biological father over their children must decrease as the children mature into their own adulthood and, ideally the influence of our Spiritual Father in heaven must increase within the children as only God can within the private depths of our inner lives.  In the womb the infant’s flesh gestates. After being born into the world the person’s soul gestates, again ideally toward godliness. Dad’s far more than moms bear responsibility for the spiritual gestation of their children from birth to adulthood.

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