Messianic Robin Williams Suicide Rocks His World

Western civilization was rocked Monday, August 11th, 2014 by the news that Robin Williams was dead.  Williams was an open channel extemporaneously delivering philosophical caricatures, comedic distortions of reality which revealed reality.  In an age when multiculturalism has proscribed heritage, when diverse society compresses our secular communal spiritual emptiness upon itself and political correctness has silenced productive dialog Williams method occasionally seemed to transcend our vacuum and shine a Picasso like light upon the substance of ordinary important life.  Beyond comedy, Good Will Hunting gave us a portrayal of catharsis, orchestrated by an astonishingly competent, genuine and sensitive practitioner of psychology.  In this role William leads Will Hunting, the most intellectually gifted and emotionally damaged soul imaginable to psychological salvation.  The premise suggests that empathy, compassion, love are preeminent over intellect.  It suggested that psychology applied with due sensitivity could mitigate the sins and salve the ravaged sensibilities of mankind at least some of the time. Catharsis becomes conversion, empathy trumps intellect and religion has no bearing upon the reality or the outcome.  Williams was Messianic in his portrayal but alas, Williams lived in a world without Robin Williams.  He could not be Messianic Robin Williams for himself.  He could take his own life but he cannot resurrect himself. William’s talent was meteoric but in the end he was consumed by the enormity of what he really was not, the Messianic figure conferred upon him by us.  God made Robin Williams.  God crafted his aptitudes and talents.  God expressed His own creativity in forming the creative genius of Williams.  I wonder if he ever reflected upon his own gifts in such a way that he saw himself as made in the image of God. He might have noticed as David did in Psalm 139, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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